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Knowledge And Experience On Your Side During Appellate Litigation

The appeals process is often the last chance to receive the best outcome possible concerning your case. Due to the importance of such proceedings, you will require an attorney who understands the appellate process and is willing to litigate your appeal in court.

So long as there is a legitimate issue, attorney Alexander Ward at Ward Law Offices, LLC, is confident that he can win any civil or criminal appeal. His approach is to review all evidence and documentation to locate potential issues. He and his staff thoroughly research legal issues. In every instance, he will discuss the matter in detail with you and make sure they understand all your legal options.

Overseeing Every Sort Of Criminal And Civil Appellate Matter

As a Pennsylvania lawyer, Mr. Ward regularly tries every sort of civil appeals matter. Such experience includes trying unemployment compensation appeals. While his focus is on Pennsylvania state appeals matters, he frequently handles criminal appeals after conviction along with challenging the sentence.

As he is extensively familiar with the Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA), he can handle every aspect of criminal law matters. Such representation includes first- and third-degree murder cases, drug violations and medical marijuana determinations. Mr. Ward also routinely manages sex offender legal issues.

A Lawyer Always Coming Prepared

It is Mr. Ward’s mission to come fully prepared. This means taking the time to create and revise legal briefs multiple times. When replying to an opponent’s brief, he requests an oral argument when necessary.

Because of the knowledge, experience and effort he utilizes in every appellate matter, other attorneys retain him to try the appeal. His reputation for providing quality representation comes about in part because of his handling of high-profile criminal appeals for attorneys and other individuals.

An Attorney Here To Serve You

Do not take chances concerning the appeal of your case. The lawyer at Ward Law Offices is here to assist you. Contact his office today by calling 610-438-2200 to set up a consultation. While primarily handling appeals in Monroe, Lehigh, Carbon, Bucks and the greater Northampton County area, Mr. Ward handles appeals matters throughout Pennsylvania.