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Preserving The Rights Of Employees Facing Issues With Their Employers

Mr. Ward believes in using the legal process to empower clients and to achieve the best possible outcome in all employment law cases. He works hard to provide clients with the zealous representation they deserve. He strives to ensure that clients are treated fairly and with dignity regardless of their situation or line of work.

Unemployment Compensation Appeals

When an individual’s employment with a company is terminated, they may be able to file for unemployment benefits. However, this is not always guaranteed. Some employers will contest the individual’s eligibility for unemployment compensation due to a variety of factors that may have contributed to the termination of employment. In other cases, the unemployment service agency will determine that someone is ineligible for benefits. Neither of these situations means that the fight is over.

Mr. Ward is highly skilled at handling cases where unemployment compensation has been denied. It is possible to file an appeal in these situations and have the matter reconsidered. He works to investigate the matter, gathers evidence to support your unemployment claim and constructs a comprehensive and articulate appeal on the client’s behalf. While an appeal is not appropriate in all cases, it is well worth your time to discuss the situation with Mr. Ward so he can determine the potential for success in the appeal.

Other Employment Law Matters

Using his experience and knowledge of the employment-related laws in Pennsylvania, Mr. Ward can handle a range of other employment law cases. Consulting with him is the best way to discover if you have a case and how he can help.

Get Answers To Your Legal Questions

Mr. Ward can evaluate your employment law case during a consultation at his firm and determine the best way to pursue a resolution. To schedule a meeting with him, call his office at 610-601-5318 or use the online contact form to get in touch.