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Finding Solutions for Your Family Law Situation

Legal issues that involve your family can be particularly emotional and difficult. If you are facing a divorce, facing a child custody issue or involved in another type of situation, enlist the help of attorney Alexander Ward at Ward Law Offices, LLC, in Easton.

Mr. Ward is a dedicated advocate for his clients throughout the Lehigh Valley. He is compassionate toward what his clients are going through and takes care in assisting them in moving forward with their lives. It is important to him that clients see their case not as the end but as the start of a new beginning.

Child Custody Matters

When child custody is at issue, it is essential that the best interests of the children remain at the forefront. Whether you are divorcing the other parent of your children or have never been in a relationship with the other parent, child custody matters need to be handled with the utmost care. Mr. Ward is fluent in the language of the child custody laws in Pennsylvania. He will take the time to explain what the different types of custody arrangements such as sole custody, joint custody and legal custody mean for you.

Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders

Sometimes referred to as a restraining order, a PFA order is designed to protect an adult and/or children from the threat of or actual physical or sexual abuse. This legally binding order is issued by courts and signed by a judge. Mr. Ward helps clients assert their rights and minimize the negative impact when another person wrongly files a PFA order against them.

Mr. Ward also helps clients who are in dangerous situations obtain these orders, which bar the alleged abuser from the actions that were taking place, as well as any threatened harmful actions or other damaging activities. Mr. Ward is on your side throughout the entirety of the situation.

Other Family Law Matters

There are many aspects of family law that may arise in conjunction with a divorce or between parties who have never been married but have children together. Whether you are involved in a no-fault divorce or another family law situation, Mr. Ward can tailor his services to help you.

Discuss Your Rights And Options Today

For more information on how Mr. Ward handles family law cases and how they may be resolved, schedule a consultation with him. Call his office at 610-601-5318 or use the online contact form to get in touch with him now.